Thumbs up 26 November 2009 - MSS Service Software 1.27 has been released
- First in the world: SCM-A11 (MotoMAGX) Unlock & IMEI repair

No need for stupid flashing! One click operation! Unlock/IMEI repair time is only 2-4 minutes!!! Supported models:
- Motorola V8
- Motorola U9
- Motorola Z6
- Motorola Z6w
- Motorola Aura R1
- Motorola E8
- Motorola EM30
- Motorola EM35
- Motorola VE66
- Motorola ZN5
- Motorola ZN5 (TMobile 512mb)

- Added dump for SCM-A11 (MotoMAGX) phones

Please use ServiceTool to download this update

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Best regads
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