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Sujet : Moto Rocker v2.15 Released ! ROM4 and ARGON Unlock !

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    avril 2005

    Par défaut Moto Rocker v2.15 Released ! ROM4 and ARGON Unlock !

    Moto Rocker v2.15 Released ! ROM4 and ARGON Unlock !
    01.11.2007 Moto Rocker v2.15

    Whats new :
    • Added support for ROM4 Phones ( Motorola W510, L7-2, L9, V3R Edge)
    • Added Support for ARGON based models (Motorola V3xx, V3xx imode, K3, V6, V1100)

      For most convenient unlock of these platforms special unlock wizard is implemented.
    • Unlock/Repair procedures are totally reworked:
      • No more need for separate WithoutTP button, all operaions are made automatically, without user intervention
        (LTE, LTE2, POG). Now only Unlock and Repair buttons are available.
      • Old LTE unlock method changed (like V3, C650, E398, V220, V300, etc).
      • No more PDS failures, because now unlock is done via direct recalculation, so just
        automatic prepare stage added.
      • Old 3G unlock method chaged (those with bootcores up to 6.3.1).
        No more 0x1DE branches. Unlock is done via direct PDS recalculation,
        so in all 3Gs the unlock scheme is changed to uniform - setting blank mode and fast unlock with automatic restoring of working state.
      • Old LTE repair thus is reworked too, so now no more errors with repair like in R365 firmware when rocker cannot establish SCC opened status.
      • Very helpful feature added. Now between prepare stages (like when software says reconnect your phone, power it on/or enter flash mode etc...)
        not just modal message dialog displayed, but the message dialog in which detection of connected phone is added (like scanning bar in main window of rocker)
        so users now can continue only when they see the Windows has really detected the motorola device (flash interface or blank or modedm, whatever).
      • Added READ/ERASE panic - for users to debug why phone cannot power on. Helpful when flashing protected firmwares which check OTP
        to match with preset value (like V3i, itunes, etc)
      • Added A835 repair/unlock.
      • Read/Backup scheme reworked. Now it automatically loads custom boot when possible. If not - it loads signed ramloader.
        and automatically enables which ares are accessible with current loader to read/write (like in signed ramloader - PDS is disabled)
      • On Misc page added 'Force blank mode' button (actually it does previous WithoutTP's functions)
        added Erase Chip - erases all flash chip for uses to be able to revive some problematic phones
        (ROM4 and argon's bootcores are protected in ramloader from erasure)
      • Added Reference&Help page - on which there is detailed unlock/repair instructions for dummies plus info about platform,
        about bootcores used in selected model, testpoint picture, and info if current model needs TP and in which cases
      • Added 'restore points' mechanism for LTE/ROM4/ARGON models. Since they need to be patched to make them enter blank mode (LTE)
        or prepared to ExTestpoint (ROM4/ARGON), they need to be restored back with not touched firmware areas to be able to power on.
        In previous versions if something whent wrong with LTE, user had to reflash phone.
        Now changes are stored in database file, and at any moment 'damaged' phone is connected back to rocker,
        software detects there is data to be restored, and restores it.
      • Removed bug in 3Gs - when they were patched with IMEI, withoutTP will make these phones enter flash mode permanently, till they are reflashed.
        Now even if phone has patched IMEI, it can be unlocked/repaired without any problems.
      • Improved intel flash chip handling for 3Gs so now flashing (and thus unlocking/repair) operations go faster
      • Master RESET/Master CLEAR buttons added
    Please download and install "MotoRocker_v2.15.exe" from Rocker Dongle support. Also ExTestpoint schematics revision II is available on support.

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    septembre 2005
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    septembre 2005
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