New service "Samsung Warranty / Country Check" is available on

They offer Free Services for checking Samsung Phones:

Any model. Any Country. Checking only via IMEI number.
Delivery time: 30-90 second.

To use our newest method to get more information about Your Samsung device:

Go to Main Page
and press Check button, next in Free Check, menu click WARRANTY/COUNTRY

Samsung Warranty & Country Check for Free - News -

After checking you will get the following information:

IMEI Number
2nd IMEI Number
Master Number
Serial Number
Un Number
Model Number
Model Name
Model Desc
Purchase Country
Production Date
Sold By
Ship To

Warranty depends on the market where the phone was sold.
In USA - add 12 months to Sold By date.
In EU add 24 months to Sold By date.

Je n'ai pas traduit, vous savez à quoi çà sert : vous pouvez checker la garantie d'un samsung et son origine