Added BB5 Superdongle calculation feature with special SX4 authentication

This feature will repair all RAP3G and RAPIDO phones which are in Contact Service state, restarting by media player or by camera function or just restarting randomly.

It doesn't matter what sw version do you have.
This is not a free feature. About pricing check UB website as usual.

Little FAQ

If you face with one of the listed problems press Calculate SD at Nokia/BB5/Maintenance tab.
This will consuming credits. After procedure finish set your phone to "Local mode" and press PM Auth under Superdongle maintenance. (This is a free service) Write a good PM 1,309 block to the phone.
PM files are located at ..\Uni\Files\Nokia\BB5\Product folder.
There are two PM auth button. The "old" one is for phones which are in original state and the new one (under Superdongle maintenance) is for phones which are repaired with this new unique way.

If you are not sure and want check if you need calculate SD data or not press Check SD button.

This feature will not repair phones which have empty NPC or any other problem. So we prefer to check SD data before do anything with Check SD button. This is the most safer way.

Best regards: Universalbox Team